Information from Veneto

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Information from Veneto

Post by k_emailbox2000 » 29 Jun 2005, 02:05

Hello Everyone.

I am trying to find some information about my great-grandfather. I was able to get few information, but I could not determined the exact place where he born and married in order to get his birth/baptism and marriage certificate. His name was Alessandro Facipieri (or Faccipieri, maybe the name changed when he got to Brazil).

He arrived in São Paulo (port of Santos) on the Ship (Vapore) Washington on October, 12th 1891 coming from Genova (the ship left Genova on September, 23rd 1891). The archives here indicate that he was 25 years old by that time (his most probably day of the birth is May-13-1867). He married Maria Rossi (16 by that time) in 1890. They lived in Venezia (and probably were born there as well). Another information that I have is that he was within the Italian Army (Comandi Carabinieri) for 4 years (probably from 1887 to 1890) in Venezia. Finally, their parents names are:
Father Mother
Alessandro Facipieri Alessandro Facipieri Luiza Malagani
Maria Rossi Angelo Rossi Carolina Capolli

Does someone knows how to get the passenger list of Vapore Washington, and if in this list I can find any further information such as place of birth? Or, some information from the Italian Army relative to that period?

Any support will be must appreciate.


São Paulo - Brazil

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