- anyone else here using it?

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Post by gliesian66 » 14 Nov 2014, 16:03 (which is free to use) provides utilities for working with DNA collected from AncestryDNA, FTDNA and 23andMe.

I have a lot of Italian in me, so I wanted to ask this Italian Genealogy forum that I frequent, if anyone else here on this forum is also using to analyze and compare their Italian DNA?

If so, please share your GEDMatch ID, and I will test my DNA against yours, and see if we are related... btw, DNA can match back to about 9 generations, it's all based on centiMorgans (cMs).

My IDs is A819872 and my mom's is A777535.

I have known Italian roots around Troia (Foggia), Naples, Calabria and Palermo (Sicily).

My Italian surnames are: Liguori, Vacca, Mesiano, Lizzi, Rezzolla, Rizzello, Esposito, Viola, Lo Buono, Zeccardi, Perrella, Bove, Farina, Colini, Averza, Di Renzo and Alefico.

-- Robert

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