Rando Family from Messina- records affected by 1908 earthqua

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Rando Family from Messina- records affected by 1908 earthqua

Post by Lamenz » 30 Dec 2014, 01:35

Hello! I have hit a snag while looking into my father-in-law's family from Messina, and I'm wondering if anyone could possible help point me in the right direction.
My father-in-law, James, is trying to find out about his father's family, who came from Torre Faro (he thinks) Messina. He has very little information to go on regarding his father, but here's what I know:
John Rando (or Giovanni), was from Messina, and according to US soc. sec. records his birthday is Nov 9 1907. He came to the States in his late teens or 20s, did not enter the country via Ellis Island. He settled in the Atlantic City NJ area, and had James in 1946. He passed away in 1951.
John's father's name was Peppino- so I'm guessing it's short for Giuseppe or Joseph? He had an older brother named Joe, so also Giuseppe or Joseph, and another brother named Philip or Filippo, who "died young," though not sure how old.
I've tried all records with the global subscriptions on Ancestry. I found the US soc. sec. info for John, but nothing from Italy, and nothing on his parents. While looking into this, I read about the horrible earthquake that devastated Messina in 1908. I read that it wiped out about 40-60% of the population, and the majority of survivors relocated to Palermo and Catania. Also, the majority of civil and parish records predating 1908 were destroyed. So I'm thinking that this would include birth records, which is why I can't find anything for John Rando born 1907? His family obviously survived, but I would need to trace them to wherever they relocated. I read that there was a census taken in Palermo, and also Catania in 1909 that would list the refugees that had settled in those towns from Messina. I can't seem to find these records anywhere online. Without knowing John's parents names, and without his birth record, I'm thinking I would need to see some census records to look at households matching the names that I have- but not sure where to look for these.
If anyone has any suggestions, or is aware of how to trace those from Messina who relocated after the earthquake, I would greatly appreciate any information or ideas. I'd really like to help out my father-in-law, as this would mean a great deal to him. Thank you!

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Re: Rando Family from Messina- records affected by 1908 eart

Post by adelfio » 31 Dec 2014, 05:00

Welcome to IG website your records of Torre Faro frazione of Messina would be in the records of Villaggi di Messina online
Birth record of Giovanni Rando
1907 Nov 9th in the town of Villaggi di Torre Faro in a house at via Palazzo#125 the birth of Giovanni Rando son of Letterio Rando age 42 fisherman and his wife Maria Searfi

https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/T ... ,253832901

POSSIBLE birth record of Letterio Rando (father of Giovanni Rando)
1865 Feb 3rd in the town of Villaggi di Torre Faro birth of Letterio Rando son of Santi Rando age 42 sailor and his wife Angela Arena age 41
http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... 4.jpg.html

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Re: Rando Family from Messina- records affected by 1908 earthqua

Post by datxcali » 10 Mar 2017, 06:26

Hey all.

I've been trying to find more information on my ancestors with the name Rando. I was able to track back to my great great grandfather, Giuseppe Rando (who was born around 1861 and died in 1915) through the birth certificate of his son, Paul (Paolo), which is indexed on Family Search. His wife was Paolina Prestopino. I've found information on all of them after they came to the US and I know that Paolo was christened in Messina.

I've tried looking at the marriage certificates and birth certificates in Messina on Familysearch.org that would correlate with these people, but I'm coming up empty so far.

Any tips on where to go next? I've gotten pretty good at Family Search and Ancestry, but, frankly, I feel like I've hit a brick wall with documentation that isn't indexed.

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