Seeking Angelo Cianciarulo's living relatives in Italy

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Seeking Angelo Cianciarulo's living relatives in Italy

Post by Donnatheresa » 10 Jan 2015, 07:41

I am looking for relatives of Angelo Carmine Cianciarulo residing in Italy. According to his birth certificate, Angelo was born June 6, 1856 in Marsico Nuovo, Potenza to Vito Antonio Augustale Cianciarulo and Mariantonia (Maria Antonia?) Cirone.

Angelo’s father sent him to America in 1867 (the year listed in the Census) with a man (padrone?) interested in his skill at the harp. The man made Angelo dress in beggars clothing and play his harp on the sidewalks of New York. After a few years Angelo ran away from the man and headed west with his harp. At some point he took on the name Angelo Yeago. According to the Siskiyou County Great Registers, Angelo became a naturalized citizen in Story County Nevada September 21, 1874. I don’t know what name he was using at that time. I have not found his naturalization records. Angelo settled in Henley, Siskiyou County, California around 1878. He moved to Winnemucca, Nevada around 1892. Angelo soon brought his mother and sister Raffaella over from Italy and moved them back to Henley with him. He also helped his widowed sister Maria Carmella Lotierzo, her two son’s Vito and Raffele and his brother Domenico’s daughter Rafaella come over from Italy. Angelo never married and died in 1917.

I found Angelo listed in all the Federal Census Records except the 1870 census. The 1900 census record of Angelo’s mother (listed as Maria Yeago) indicates that she had 6 children and all were currently living. I have not learned the name or gender of the 6th child. Three of her children, Angelo, Raffaella and Maria Carmella Lotierzo immigrated to the United States.

Raffaella’s probate records (1930) list two more siblings, Catherine and Dominico as deceased.
Angelo’s sister Catherine (Americanized name? Married name Nell?) appears to have remained in Italy. Raffaella’s probate records name Guiseppe Nell as Catherine’s son living in New York, and Louisa DeMilte as Catherine’s daughter residing in San Francisco.

Angelo’s brother Dominico also appears to have remained in Italy. Raffaella’s probate records lists 6 children of Domenico – 5 of which were believed to be residing in Italy. The International Genealogical Index /SE lists Domenico Cianciarulo as married to Agnese Milano and having 3 daughters: Raffaela (became Raffaela Accardo after immigrating to the US), Carmela and Filomena - and 3 sons: Antonio, Carmine and Gianuario – all born in Marsico Nuovo, Potenza, Italy.

I need help finding living relatives of Angelo in Italy.

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Re: Seeking Angelo Cianciarulo's living relatives in Italy

Post by PippoM » 13 Jan 2015, 07:53

There are currently 11 listings for Cianciarulo in Marsico Nuovo in Italian White Pages: ... o+%28PZ%29

You might write to them and ask if they are descendants of Domenico.
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Re: Seeking Angelo Cianciarulo's living relatives in Italy

Post by joetucciarone » 11 Oct 2015, 11:24

Hi Donna - I've been researching the padrone system and found your post about your ancestor who might have been sent to America with a padrone. In the last few months, I've collected fifty newspaper articles from the late 1800s about the padrone system. Victims of padrones share about a dozen characteristics; one is that they originated in small comunes in southern Italy. Marsico Nuovo in Potenza fits that characteristic. In fact, it's not far from Viggiano from which children were taken to America as the servants of padrones.

I entered the name "Cianciarulo" in the site and found newspaper articles about a Lucia Cianciarulo who sang at events in Berkeleym California in 1911 and 1912. One event was the first meeting of Oakland's Italian Club. There was also an "M. Cianciarulo" who was a member of the 1912 Columbus Day committee in Berkeley. Maybe these are your relatives?


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