Italian military uniform WWI

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Italian military uniform WWI

Post by Italianpast » 20 Jan 2015, 02:46

Need help identifying what type of uniform this is. This is my grandfather's half-brother and we think it is from around 1915 (World War I era) or perhaps slightly later. The cap badge has the number 38 stamped on it inside a circle with what appears to be a crown on top. I assume the number refers to the 38th regiment. Infantry? I've tried looking for similar uniforms on the internet, but have been unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Italian military uniform WWI

Post by Anizio » 27 Jan 2015, 05:56

My guess is it would be the 38º Reggimento fanteria. (38th infantry regiment).
Together with the 37º Reggimento fanteria it formed the Brigata Ravenna, which would have been in the 3rd Division of the II Corps of the 2nd Army.

However it could also have been the 38º reggimento artiglieria which would have been in the 27th Division in the XIV Corps of the Supreme Command.

Very likely one of those two though, judging by the pants and the tight leg wraps, my money is on the artillery.

The easy way to be sure of course would be to request his military record (fogilio matricolare) using his birth year (the "class" he would have been in) because it would contain a list of all regiments he was attached to, when he was attached to them, and other information.
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