Cardarelli/Caldarelli/Garzarelli in Ortona, Chieti, L'Aquila

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Cardarelli/Caldarelli/Garzarelli in Ortona, Chieti, L'Aquila

Post by Dbiv21 » 08 Feb 2015, 04:31

Does anyone have any idea if this is the same family just with a spelling change?

I'm looking for my ancestors in Ortona/L'Aquila in the 1880s. My great grandfather who lived in the US was Alberto Cardarelli. His father is who I am looking for, his name was Tomasso Cardarelli. I'm finding a ton of Caldarelli's on that were born around the same era/location as my great-grandfather.

Anyone familiar with that region?

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Re: Cardarelli/Caldarelli/Garzarelli in Ortona, Chieti, L'Aq

Post by Anizio » 08 Feb 2015, 05:15

Find a grave is not reliable. Many Italian graves are replaced after a few decades. Italy is not like America in the sense that tombstones remain indefinitely.

Cardarelli and Caldarelli are two entirely different names. Keep in mind that Italian has the most diversity of surnames of any culture in the world, and that 1 extra letter or changed letter really does mean it is an entirely different name 95% of the time.

The frequency of those two names is different in different parts of Italy so that are not linked at all - ie. Cardarelli is very popular in Marche and almost non existent in Campania, while Caldarelli is almost entirely focused on Campania, with mixes of both in Lazio and Abruzzo. They are both found in Chieti near Ortona, but neither is that common in that area.

Sorry, they are different. You need to go by certificates, not graves.
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