Bonnina / Bonino

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Bonnina / Bonino

Post by Escollay » 24 Feb 2015, 01:27

Hi, I am looking for help in tracing an Italian ancestor. I have a few bits of information to go on so hopefully someone can help me connect the dots!

The name is spelt as both Bonino and Bonnina, but mainly Bonino. It was anglicized as Bannon in later years when members of the family moved to Ireland & Scotland.

I am trying to find where Dominick Bonino originally came from. He was born around 1830 in Italy. Family legend has it that he came from Caserta but this hasn't been proven. I think I have him arriving in Dover in 1842 as a figure maker. He makes his way to Dublin and marries Ann Regan. He seems to live with other Italians as Ann's brother marries a Lazzaroni, also a figure maker.

Dominick died in 1903 and his father was listed as a Laurence Bonino. Again slim pickings, but any help would be amazing!

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Re: Bonnina / Bonino

Post by Anizio » 24 Feb 2015, 02:31

Bonino is a very Piemontese name, making it hard to locate a place where it is from, if that is even the name.

Also, Domenico Bonino, if he was born in 1830 was born at a time when most of Italy did not keep civil records, another potential problem. It helps that the fathers name was Lorenzo, because then at least you can narrow it down to a Domenico Bonino born circa 1830, who's father was Lorenzo. But I suspect there may be a handful of Domenico Bonino's who meet that description across Piemonte and Liguria.

Bacially, I really think you need more information to find record of him in Italy. Without it you're best bet is finding someone else who already has him in their tree, or finding a record of his passage to Dover which includes a town of origin.

Sorry I know its not what you want to hear, but with the information you have you could find record of a Domenico di Lorenzo Bonino born in Italy (with lots of effort), but there's no way to know if its yours without more information.
TIP: When asking for records from Italy, do NOT ask for an "estratto." ALWAYS ask for a "copia integrale." A photocopy of the original Act will contain more information

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