Italian ancestors

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Italian ancestors

Post by stephen2158 » 11 Apr 2015, 04:03


Can anyone help me!

My gg grandfather came from Liverpool to Australia in 1856 on the ship "Sir W F Williams" so he says, there is no record of him as a passenger, he was a mariner so he could have been a crew member, no record of that either. He said that he came from Trieste, Italy on his ship manifests when he worked in Tasmania on boats going from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to Melbourne or Sydney, Australia. He was born 25/12/1832 and his name was Nicholas Bonachi or with a t Bonachit or it could be Bonacci my name now is Bonnitcha with a silent t (Bonni cha). He also said on his nationalised papers that he came from Ragusa, Austria and that his parents were Marcello and Catarina no last name on either of them, it also says that Marcello was a seaman.
Any information on Nicholas or his parents would be greatly appreciated as I have also asked other people, but they seem to come up with what I already have. I know there could be some variations in the name but I don't know where he actually came from. I have had some relations who thought he came from Croatia and went to Croatia but they came up with nothing, so I am thinking he is Italian as lot of my Italian friends have said, but as they live in Australia they can't help me with anything.
I have recently found out that his last name could be Marco or Giorgio doesn't the Italians take on their wives last name.
Nicholas married Euphemia Fraser from Scotland in Hobart and they had eight children all born in Hobart, and they were:
Catherine Ann (after his mother Catarina and Ann after Euphemia's mother Ann)
Mark (after his father Marcello or Marco)
Donald (after her father Donald)
Matthew (after his grandfather Matteo) I think?
Nicholas (after him)
Euphemia (after her)
Joseph (after ?)
Jessie Madeline (after her sister)

Hope someone can help me please.

Thank You

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Re: Italian ancestors

Post by joetucciarone » 11 Apr 2015, 21:25

Hi Stephen,

I can't help you find your gg-grandfather's name on a manifest, but this may be of interest to you.

I recently found that my 3x great aunt, who was originally from Agnone, Campobasso, Italy, arrived in New York on December 5, 1873. What surprised me was that the ship, the S.S. Egypt, didn't come straight from Italy. Instead, it originated in Liverpool!

I have been told that in 1873 there probably wasn't direct service from Italy to New York. Instead, my 3x great aunt was what is known as a "transmigrant". I was told she probably took a train from Italy to France, Germany or the Netherlands, then taken what was known as a "feeder ship" to Hull or London in the UK. She would then have taken a train to Liverpool to embark on a transatlantic ship. Apparently, this kind of travel was common at that time and the steamship & rail companies even sold package deals in which one ticket would cover the entire journey.

I have also found that there was an Italian colony already established in Liverpool in the mid-1800s.

Good luck,


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Re: Italian ancestors

Post by stephen2158 » 05 Jun 2017, 08:25

Hi Joe
Sorry it has taken so long to reply.
Thanks for the info, I will check it out.
Nicholas was in Liverpool for some time but I don't know for how long.
I am stuck because I don't what name he went by for example Bonacci, Bonachit or it could be Bonacich?
Thanks again Joe

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Re: Italian ancestors

Post by suanj » 02 Oct 2017, 11:28

I found a Niccolò Bonacich Dorich, born in Milnà- Brac/Brazza Isle-Dalmatia on 2 Feb 1833 and baptized on 8 Feb 1833, son of Niccolò Bonacich Dorich and Maria Fabich
here the record (the 2th on the page) ... cc=2040054
The Brac/Brazza isle: ... lmatia.jpg
here the Language was italian and the above baptism record is in italian Language...
I don't say that is the your ancestor, just let you know that it could be possible Bonacich spelling....
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