US social security applications and claims

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US social security applications and claims

Post by rancelli » 28 Jul 2015, 05:58

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Name: Vincenzo Marcigliano
SSN: 156104270
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1875
Birth Place: Italy
Claim Date: 28 Jan 1944
Type of Claim: Life Claim
Notes: 08 Oct 1976: Name listed as VINCENZO MARCIGLIANO

Would the claim date be the date of death? I'm trying to find the death and burial for Vincenzo Marcigliano. Can these applications and claims be ordered online?

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Re: US social security applications and claims

Post by rjmichaels » 31 Jul 2015, 07:05

I have been trying to figure this same thing out. After looking through many entries for relatives, I believe the "Life Claim" may be when they applied for a SSN. I have checked relatives for whom I know their dates of death and the Life Claim date is always prior. Some entries have Death Claim dates, but I believe those dates are after the individual's death (if a relative filed a claim with Social Security on the decedent). And, of course, there are many that do not have death dates at all, which just means their deaths were not reported to Social Security. One relative of mine has a Life Claim date in 1942, but I know he was still alive in 1952. Unfortunately, his death wasn't reported, but his entry has a notation "Name Appears as..." which is dated 1977 but, seeing as he was born in 1871, I doubt that is when he died. I've seen a few entries with this "Name Appears as..." entry and they all seem to be in or around 1977 (and in all caps), so I think that may have just been when the data was entered into a new database. Just speculation, though.

I know you can request the application, but do not know if you can request copies of the claims.
That link details ordering an application.

Good luck!

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