Angelini Family back in 1895

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Angelini Family back in 1895

Post by watashii » 28 Jul 2015, 14:05

Enrico Angelini moved to Québec in 1912... Missed the Titanic.
When he arrived in Québec, he changes his name for Henri Angelo...
But he left behind his parents and sister.

Father: P. Angelini
Mother: M. Mancini --> M. Angelini after getting married
Enrico Angelini --> birth -> 1895 Death -> 1973. Moved to Québec in 1912. MArried to Yvonne Lapierre in 1915, had many Children.. Raoul Angelo, Annette Angelo, Jeanne Angelo, Fleurimont Angelo, Thérèse Angelo. He separeted from Yvonne and has been with a Lilianne (Can't find her last name) And he had 2 childrens with her.

He has a sister, which I haven't found the name yet --> It's Her I'm trying to find

His family was living there --> Ascoli Piceno in Italy in 1800-1900
I know Enrico visit his family once in Italy and they were still living there between 1925-1940 (Can't find the date)

They weren'T poor, but I don't know if they were rich either.

I'm trying to find back my Italian family, as many of them are probably my own age.. and I'm trying to figure out many thing on myself and it all seems to come from my Italian family branch.

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Re: Angelini Family back in 1895

Post by PippoM » 29 Jul 2015, 12:44

Can you post the documents your info is based upon?
For instance, arrival manifest, or marriage/death certificate?
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Re: Angelini Family back in 1895

Post by adelfio » 29 Jul 2015, 17:06

Enrico Angelini in the U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
Name:Enrico Angelini
Arrival Date:4 May 1916
Port of Arrival:Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Birth Date:abt 1890
Birth Place:Santa Venarando
Birth Country:Italy
Record has photo?:No
Record Type:Cards
PG #1 line#14 ... turnRecord

PG #2 line#14 ... 4_308-0148

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Re: Angelini Family back in 1895

Post by Marcas » 17 Oct 2015, 01:11

I've found those parents. Pietro Angelini and Maria Mancini lived in Ascoli Piceno around 1895 with 7 childrens. Let's draw the whole family:


There isn't any Enrico among them. The best fit would be Gregorio, b.1895, since the first and the second were born girls.
Notice how twins runs in the family, for we see 2 pairs. child 4-5 being the first pair, child 6-7 the second one.

Still, are those P.Angelini and M.Mancini reliable data?

I've had more luck with the place. I examined the border crossing thing.
well Santa Venerando is not a place, but a church.
It's located in the NE hills. we need a map:


The village is called Vallesenzana and the tiny church falls under another church's rule. The right parish is the one in this link http://www.ascolipiceno.chiesacattolica ... .-marcello
grab phone, email and directions.

Good Luck
-- Marcas

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