Rosaria Sunseri Trapani, Trabia

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Rosaria Sunseri Trapani, Trabia

Post by Marlena » 23 Aug 2015, 05:23

Hello, Can you tell how old Rosaira was when she died and if there is a husband listed?

I noticed this Sunseri family used Sunseri and sometimes Sunseri Trapani, is there a reason for that or ?

On my grandfather's birth his mother is Maria Sunseri and his brother's is Sunseri Trapani. ... ,246720201

Thank you, Marlene
Trabia, Sicily: Rinella, Campagna, Rubino, DiMatteo, Vallelunga, Gattuccio, Canciamilla, Arena, Alario, Barone, Sunseri, Trapani, Turturice Bell, Lima, Romano, Spitaleri, Cancilla,Tardio, Novello Tomasello, Sunseri Pirotto, and D'Anna.

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Re: Rosaria Sunseri Trapani, Trabia

Post by carubia » 23 Aug 2015, 08:21

She was only 12 years old, so no husband was listed.

Many families had double surnames. Any person in the family could use either surname, or both together (possibly in either order, depending on the combination), in any given record.

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