Help with family tree - Bellotti

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Help with family tree - Bellotti

Post by ck2007 » 05 Sep 2015, 06:22

Hi all,

I am once again at a dead end on my family tree, and am now doing some research into a new branch (looking into ancestors and if I have any living cousins) which is a great aunts family tree. Here is the information I have, and this seems to be all I can find.

Mother: Luigia Francesca Legnami (born 10/1830, Italy, not sure where but I would guess Northern Italy)

Father: Giovanni Bellotti

Their children together:

Michele Giuseppe Paolo Bellotti (b. 1842)
Giuseppe Francesco Bellotti (b. 1844)
Carolina Silvestra Paola Bellotti (b. 1845)
Marianna Rosa Bellotti (b. 1847)
Marietta Gaudenzina Bellotti (b. 1849)
Stefano Antonio Bellotti (b. 1851)

There is a possibility that these names are backwards, (meaning instead of Michele Paolo Bellotti it could be Paolo Michele) I found this information from baptism records which were difficult to read and the names were separated by commas, which made it a bit confusing for me. All of the children were born somewhere in Northern Italy although I am not sure where. I also have the following information for Michele Paolo that I believe it correct but not 100%, that he was married to Giuseppina Busconi and they had a child named Rodolfo Francesco Giuseppe Bellotti. As of August 14, 1909 their residence was listed as Como.

If anyone happens to have any information about this family or can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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Re: Help with family tree - Bellotti

Post by paola52 » 05 Sep 2015, 12:17

The Paolo Bellotti who married Giuseppina Rusconi in 1906 was the son of Pietro Bellotti and Teresa Novati, he was named Paolo Attilio and was much younger. ... 40511-1875
Also you say you have seen the Baptism records of Paolo and his siblings. In what parish were they baptized?
Researching Provinces of Varese, Como and Milan

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