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Post by clock_humpty » 22 Sep 2015, 15:37

Hello. I am trying to discover the origins of my father's father. My father is now 80. My grandfather's name is Giovanni Primo Biorci born about 1903. I believe he had two sisters, names unknown. I also believe Giovanni travelled to Ohio where he met my father's mother Olga Budin. They married but my grandfather was killed before my father was born. My grandmother returned to the then Yugoslavia where she gave birth to my father Ivan Sekondo Biorci in 1935. When my father was a young boy he remembers two aunties introduced to him as sisters to his father, asked if he would live with them in the United States. He refused to leave his mother. There was no further contact with the aunties.

I am struggling to find any links, any relatives. Does anyone recognise the name Biorci? I don't believe it is very common.

I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

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Re: Biorci

Post by Tessa78 » 22 Sep 2015, 23:14

As you can see from this Surname Distribution Map, the surname BIORCI is found today mostly in the Piedmonte Region of Italy -- ... ani/BIORCI

And in these towns and provinces
Biorci 17.52 Rivalta Bormida Alessandria
Biorci 16.38 Alessandria Alessandria
Biorci 8.92 Acqui Terme Alessandria
Biorci 2.73 Santena Torino
Biorci 2.56 Rivoli Torino
Biorci 2.46 Pino Torinese Torino
Biorci 2.29 Novi Ligure Alessandria
Biorci 2.23 Casale Monferrato Alessandria
Biorci 2.21 Torino Torino
Biorci 2.06 Montaldo Bormida Alessandria


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Re: Biorci

Post by suanj » 23 Sep 2015, 09:39

Hi, but by this record, Ivan Secondo Biorci born in Kosana( or Kozana) was the son of late Secondo by a certificate and son of Ivan by another.. Ivan is Giovanni in Italian Language, what lacking is Primo... however I cannot find a arrival abt a Giovanni/Ivan/Primo/Secondo BIORCI in USA as a well for Olga Budin... ... ?B=1220479
You are sure that Giovanni and Olga married in Ohio, USA?
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