Fronzi: filling 150 year gap

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Fronzi: filling 150 year gap

Post by Anizio » 01 Oct 2015, 00:29


I'm not sure who can help me, but I need help filling a gap in my tree between the early 1500s and the early to mid 1600s.

Although most family names are not linked ie. Lorenzetti's may all come from a Lorenzo, but not the same Lorenzo, the Fronzi's are different.

In my case there is a known progenitor: Lorenzo Fronzi, from Dalmatia, a merchant who moved to Pesaro and built the Palazzo Fronzi in 1523. He had at least one son, Matteo Fronzi.

I can trace my two Fronzi lines back to the early to mid 1600s:
-- Angelo Fronzi born in 1685 at San Costanzo, son of Antonio Fronzi; and
-- caporale Giovanni Antonio Fronzi, born in 1630 in San Costanzo.

Since almost all Fronzi's originate in San Costanzo, it seems likely that at some point the Fronzi family of Pesaro moved to San Costanzo. But my real issue is how do I fill in the 3-5 generation gap between the progenitor (Lorenzo/Matteo Fronzi) and my Fronzi's?

What records do I need/exist in Pesaro e Urbino and how/where would I find them? Are there even genealogists who help with research that far back?

Thank you!!
TIP: When asking for records from Italy, do NOT ask for an "estratto." ALWAYS ask for a "copia integrale." A photocopy of the original Act will contain more information

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