Death of Annunziata Chirieleison?

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Death of Annunziata Chirieleison?

Post by sertolicell » 01 Nov 2015, 09:31

Hi folks,
I'm a searching for the death act of Annunziata "Nunziata" Chirieleison. She was born around 1832 and married to Salvatore Celi on 1 Dec 1849 (source:

At the death of her husband 6 Apr 1876, Letojanni, she is still alive: ... ,179082901

However, at the death of her son Mario Celi in 23 Nov 1882, Letojanni, she is recorded as dead: ... ,179082901

I have every reason to believe that she too died in Letojanni. Family and relatives have a long history of living in Letojanni and at her son's death act she's recorded with "vita a Letojanni", ie. life spent in Letojanni.

I have compiled a list of the yearly name indexes for the death acts 1876-1882 with the relevant image numbers for the online record of "Letoianni e Gallodoro. Atti di Morti 1866-1910" ( ... ,179082901)

Year Image no.
1876 303 and 312
1877 332 (name index for the parte prima seems to be missing)
1878 341 and 349
1879 355 and 370
1880 380 and 391
1881 400
1882 410 and 423

but her name doesn't seem to show up anywhere....
Now, did I miss something? :roll: Any help is greatly appreciated.


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