BELLUSCI & CARA Help: need to find family origin

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BELLUSCI & CARA Help: need to find family origin

Post by BELLUCCI777 » 08 Dec 2015, 05:36

Hello friends!

I'm brazilian and from both sides maternal and paternal I have italian ancestry. Every great grand parent immigrated to Brazil in the beggining of 1900s...

Obviously I'm very interested in taking my italian citizenship but I still need information of my great-grandparents. Just today after months of research I could find my maternal great-grandfather. So here I will put some info for the ones that can help me out...

MATERNAL SIDE (note that my great grandfather's sirname was actually Bellusci, but after him everyone got Bellucci)

ANTONIO BELLUSCI (great granfather)
MARRIAGE 31st of October 1908 (Sao Simao, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
DEATH 18th of August 1964 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
(his father's name was Pasquale Bellucci, his mother Maria Presta)

NASC 21/04/1891 (Possibly Sicilia)
CASAMENTO 31/10/1908 (Sao Simao, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
DEATH 31/10/1973 (Sao Paulo)


UMBERTO CARÁ (great grandfather)
BORN 1882 (no exact date, possibly in Calabria)
MARRIAGE 04th of September of 1900 (Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)
DEATH 07th of February 1937 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
(his father was called Antonio Cara and mother Raffaela Duafina)

ERNESTA BERGAMINI CARÁ (great grandmother)
BORN 23rd of August 1882 (Possibly from Badia Polesine, Rovigo, Veneto)
MARRIAGE 04th of September of 1900 (Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)
DEATH 04th of November 1947 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
(came with parents Joao and Luiza)

Things/questions freaking me out:

1) maternal great grandfather's real sirname is Bellusci, according to documents a friend found in internet from Italy (I'm attaching them), in Brazil his marriage document has his sirname registered as BelluccE, and from my grandfather until me we are all Bellucci. Is it a real problem?

2) From paternal side (Cara sirname) probably all the names are right, but until now I couldnt find him not even in the immigrants register from Sao Paulo government. We found Antonio Cara (same name of his dad, but he wasnt together seems). Would be great to find him as well. ... s%20Livros

3) What would be my next steps (considering Antonio Bellusci)? Contacting Grisolia comune to obtain his birth document?

4) I don't have a clue how a guy in a brazilian forum has found the attachments I'm adding to this post, but of course they are real.

Hope some of you have tips for me!!! I really appreciate your help!

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