Angino family from Montaguto

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Angino family from Montaguto

Post by knitandthecity » 12 Dec 2015, 13:28

Hello - I read an earlier (2009) thread about the Angino family and have tried contacting the original poster - to no avail. I believe that Angino family is related to mine.

I have two Angino's in my family tree -both from Montaguto.
Crescenza Angino - married my cousin Donato Macchia
Raffaela Angino - the mother of my great grandfather, Donato Macchia (different Donato - they were cousins)

I have the following documentation and details for Crescenza:
1. She was born in Brooklyn (I don't have the birth cert but this is listed on her passenger record, her husband's naturalization docs, etc)
2. She must have moved back to Italy as a young girl because she met and married my cousin Donato in Montaguto
3. They had a daughter Nina in Italy
4. Shortly thereafter, Donato came to the US. He's the ONLY Macchia that came in to Boston (where it seems the Angino family resided). He seems to have spent 2 years in Boston (his naturalization papers say he arrived in april 1921 but didn't get to Gary until Sept 1923). All others came to NY and straight to Gary, Indiana.
5. Crescenza Angino and Anna (mis-represented - it should be Nina) Macchia came to the US in Jan 1924 and went to Gary - where Donato was. On the shipping manifest it says "person left behind in Italy - Father Antonio and grandfather Antonio (grandfather for Anna/Nina)"

Then there is a record in 1909. My great grandfather Donato came to the US in 1909. On the same shipping manifest - one row away is Antonio Angino. Both of them were going to Gary, Indiana. Antonio lists his wife, Beatrice, as the relative in Italy.

I feel like Antonio must be the uncle to my great grandfather and the father in law to my cousin. They came in 1909 and Antonio must have gone back. Gotten crescenza married and sent her husband to see his family in the boston area. Then he made it to Gary to be with his family and she joined him there.

Once they are in Gary - I can trace everything.

I'm looking to be sure this Antonio Angino and the seemingly well documented Angino's in Mass/CT are the same ones. It sure seems like it.

Any help is appreciated!

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