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Post by ptimber » 29 Dec 2002, 04:37

What information do you wish????????????Pledase be specific. Peter

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Re: Rossario

Post by VXZZZZZZ » 31 Aug 2008, 22:53

Hello, I am new here, but I wanted to respond to last name is also Zangari, and my family came from Torre Di Ruggerio Italy - Province of Cantanzaro Calabria back 1906.

My great grandfather was named Frank Zangari. He came over on the Prinz Adalbert, departing port of Naples, Italy, on March 2, 1906 and arriving in New York March 17, 1906.

I have found alot of information from including signatures from the ship's manifest, occupation, and much more...

What resources have you used so far in your search?

Anyways, pm me some time...who knows, we may be distant cousins! lol

Vincint Zangari

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Re: Rossario

Post by ricbru » 01 Sep 2008, 16:14

Roy wrote:Hello, I\'m looking for information on Rossario Zangari from the town of Squillace in the providence of Cantazaro, Italy. He was borned on Sept. 20, 1889 give or take. He left Italy around 1914 for U.S. I believe his father was named was Joseph and his mother was named Teresa.
<BR>I have also heard he had brothers by the name Jim and Ralph and a sister named Carella.
you can write to Squillace civil record office in order to get his birth record or certificate

Ufficio di Stato Civile
Piazza Municipio
88069 Squillace (CZ)

These are Squillace civil record microfilms ... ato+civile++

and this is the microfilm you need to rent in order to get your ancestor birth record

Nati 1866-1896 VAULT INTL Film
1848733 Item 4

I hope it helps
bye Riccardo

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