Russo/Paonessa/Zinzi/Scozzafava from Gimigliano,Catanzaro

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Russo Family
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Russo/Paonessa/Zinzi/Scozzafava from Gimigliano,Catanzaro

Post by Russo Family » 09 Jan 2016, 04:26

I will be visiting Gimigiano during the month of July this summer with my son. I would like to introduce him to his ancestral homeland. Before that I would like to get some help with my Family Tree. Here is what I have so far. It runs up my Mother, Rose Nora Russo LaPidus's side. My grandparents were Saverio Russo (born in 1893 and came to NY around 1912 leaving a brother Vincent/Vincenzo in Gimigliano) and Josephine (Guiseppina Giovanna) Paonessa Russo (born January 31, 1908 came to NY in 1920 with her Mom). Both were from Gimigliano but lived most of their lives in the Bronx and died there. Saverio's parents were Antonio Russo and Concetta Zinzi. My Grandmothers parents were Guiseppe Paonessa (came to the US and died in Pittsburgh before 1920) and Maria Russo Paonessa Brutto (born in 1887 and died here in 1955). Okay now heres the strange part, Maria Russo's parents were Antonio and Concetta mentioned above, yes Saverio and Maria were brother and sister. After Guiseppe died, Maria came here with her daughter in 1920 leaving two other daughters Concetta and Marianne behind and married Federico Brutto in 1929. Concetta stayed in the family house and Marianne came to Connecticut and married someone there. Federico's parents were Vincenzo Brutto and Calerina Scozzofava which is where the connection to that family comes from. My cousin tells me that the person who painted my Madonna and Child from the Cathedral in Gimigliano was an "uncle" Joe Scozzafava. I also have found a death certificate for an Antonio Russo married to a Concetta who died here in NYC whose parents were Agostino Russo and Margareta Tarlavore. I understand that this is a crazy family tree but I would really like to find some real data like birth certificates of any of my ancestors. I have requested help from Gimigliano and I keep getting told they don't exist and to ask elsewhere. I would like to know if there is anyone out there that could help me locally. Steven LaPidus

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Re: Russo/Paonessa/Zinzi/Scozzafava from Gimigliano,Catanzaro

Post by Tessa78 » 11 Jan 2016, 16:54

Hello Steven :-)

The surnames Paonessa and Scozzafava are abundant in Gimigliano. The surname Russo, not so much. In Catanzaro Province, the surname Russo appears most in the Comune of Catanzaro, as does the surname Zinzi.

I have searched the indexes for births in 1893 for Saverio Russo; and in 1908 for Giuseppa Paonessa, and did not find either record listed.
I will check the other years surrounding the year you gave as their birth years.

Do you have any idea when Saverio Russo and Giuseppa Paonessa were married?


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