Genealogy research and the Avezzano earthquake of 1915.

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Genealogy research and the Avezzano earthquake of 1915.

Post by bmparent » 14 Jan 2016, 00:35

So my newest research goal is to find the names of 5 of my great aunts and uncles (children at the time) who perished in the 1915 earthquake in Avezzano. Besides contacting the local towns/parished where I believed they lived, which I plan to do, are there any more general resources for learning more about the earthquake and it's impact on the records that existed at the time such as what might have been destroyed or not, and in what ways the scored of dead may have been documented (or not) after the quake. Perhaps there are museams, memorials, lists of missing or dead, etc. somewhere in Avezzano or on the 'net that would help me on my search. I've read most of the basic factual stuff about the quake that is out there on the web; I'm looking specifically for stuff that's impactfull for genealogy-specific searches or research.

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Re: Genealogy research and the Avezzano earthquake of 1915.

Post by Italysearcher » 13 Mar 2016, 03:22

Records before 1865 were conserved at the State Archives and can be found on line.
I don't believe toom any towns lost their civil records. Maybe some but certainly Avezzano has theirs. Many of the dead were not registered if the bodies were not found, or they had no surviving family members to report the loss. A local newspaper published a list of the dead but I can't find the link. Maybe someone has it? Only one house survived intact. There is a photo on my website.

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