Birth of Giovanni Basso

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Birth of Giovanni Basso

Post by finale_ligure » 08 Oct 2005, 10:32

I´m an argentain citizen, searching for my great grandfather Giovanni Basso. The place of birth was in Finale Marina (today Finale Ligure) 01/29/1860. Son of Giovanni Basso and Caterina Affriccano (or Catalina Africano).

I sent some mails and the replied were that I should call at the following churches ofthe comune. The problem is that I don´t speak italian.

1) Parrocchia Basilica S. Biagio
17024 Finale Ligure (SV) - Piazza S. Biagio
019 695617

2) Parrocchia Di S. Giovanni Battista
17024 Finale Ligure (SV) - Via Bernini, 2
019 692551

3) Parrocchia San Cipriano
17024 Finale Ligure (SV) - Via Cardano, 1
019 600355

4) Parrocchia San Lorenzo
17024 Finale Ligure (SV) - Via Aurelia, 99
019 698252

5) Parrocchia San Lorenzo Scuola Materna
17029 Varigotti (SV) - Via Aurelia, 99
019 698149

6) Parrocchia Di San Bartolomeo Berruto Giorgio
17024 Gorra (SV) - Contrada Bracciale, 30
019 696040

I have the possibility to send a mail to:

Tel.: 019 6816004 fax: 019 6816377

or directly to the Anagrafe Ufficio:

Ufficio Anagrafe
Indirizzo: Via Pertica 29 1° piano

Resp.: Stefano Morasso

Tel.: 019 6890286 fax: 019 6890234

I will appreciate some help,
Thanks ,

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Re: Birth of Giovanni Basso

Post by suanj » 08 Oct 2005, 21:00

Hi. if you search the birthact/marriage act/death act are in Archivio di stato di Savona from 1866 until 1900, but your ancestors is born in 1860, so are necessary to request to priest.. because your ancestor was of Finale Marina today hamleth of Finale Ligure, this are the ancient churches:
so as you can see are only two.... also you can write to Savona bishop's office but for my experience is very rare that an priest or an office of bishop reply to someone... I think that is better that you write an italian letter to some Basso people in Finale and you ask if he can help you...
regards, suanj
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