could my last name be italian?

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could my last name be italian?

Post by alexsoccer0909 » 09 Apr 2016, 04:24

whenever i meet someone they think my last name is italian! it's robalino, not a very common last name. my parents are from ecuador and both of them are "mestizos" with european descent. i know my mom's great grandparents were from spain but i don't know too much about my dad's side of the family! all i know is that his great grandparents were very white and not from the small town my dad grew up in. it's probably more possible that my dad's ancestors are from spain but i thought i'd ask! even my italian teachers from italy thought i was italian!

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Re: could my last name be italian?

Post by PippoM » 11 Apr 2016, 10:00

Your surname "sounds" Italian, but it probably isn't.
There only one occurrence in Italian White Pages, but his first name is Spanish.
Moreover, after a fast check in, all Robalino's who went to Brazil and USA were fro Ecuador.
And it seems to be present there at least since 18th century.
Also, it is present in Spain: ... alino.html

So, I'd say it definitely is not Italian...
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