Access to 'restricted' record images at Familysearch?

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Access to 'restricted' record images at Familysearch?

Post by sertolicell » 14 Apr 2016, 18:23

Hi there,
I have been away from for a while, but returning the other day I suddenly discovered that many previously unavailable records now would seem to have become available online as scanned images (small camera icons next to the film number).
Eg, take at look at the huge record collection of Palermo :D : ... %20Library

My joy was huge, but quickly turned into frustration. Access to these newly added images is restricted. So close and yet so far away! :cry: These newly scanned records hold some sort of VIP-status being only eligible from Family History Centres or if one is a "signed-in member of supporting organizations".

Now, I would really like to avoid going to my local Family History Center or ordering the microfilm. Usually, I have to wait 6-8 long months from ordering a microfilm until the film arrives at the local Family History Center. Besides, elecronic equiptment and computers are slow and outdated.

Does anyone know how otherwise to get access online to these extremely interesting record images or what a "supporting organization" means? Could it be eg., MyHeritage or similar?

It would be a dream coming true to be able to consult those civil pre-unification records!

Many thanks,

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Re: Access to 'restricted' record images at Familysearch?

Post by sacesta » 15 Apr 2016, 04:08

Not sure Roberto. I had the same issue the other day. I thought maybe I could get access from my local library, but no luck there. Maybe certain branches allow it. I don't know.

I can only get to my FHC on Wednesday mornings and hours then are restricted from 9 to noon. All week I wait to access documents on microfilm. In the three hours I have available each week I'm lucky to find one or two records. I'm fairly new at this and no doubt I will get more efficient with time, but it would be great to have more frequent access.

Despite the limited hours, the varying availability of records and, of course, the errors in transcription etc, I am very appreciative of what is available. It's amazing at all that I can access foreign records from home or from my hometown.
Steve Acesta

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Re: Access to 'restricted' record images at Familysearch?

Post by Joannsalvo » 17 Apr 2016, 19:03

I am a volunteer at my local FHC, we had the same issue.
Please let the person know about your issue at the FHC and they should know how to resolve the issue.

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