2016 Tree Software Compatible with Ancestry.com

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2016 Tree Software Compatible with Ancestry.com

Post by rp76226 » 19 Jun 2016, 04:01

Has anyone purchased and used any of the 2016 Tree Software packages for a very large tree (10,000 to 50,000 people) that is compatible with Ancestry.com? I tried contacting companies that Ancestry.com now recommends since they are abandoning their TreeMaker software and turning it over to another company, but they do not respond to my inquiries at all. My concern is avoiding the current problems with my old TreeMaker 2010 software which no longer will download my tree (over 40,000 people, 7500+ photos) due to "Script errors" (whatever they are) that are presented one error only at a time instead of all together as they were presented in the past. I've gone through hundreds of these errors one at a time (without knowing the impact of selecting yes or no) and never getting to the end of the errors, nor told how many errors are left (could be thousands for all I know). I understand that software will present errors to resolve, but I want them all listed at one time and I want a box on the top of that list that, with one check, automatically checks all of the errors and allows me to ignore all of them in one step if I so choose.

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Re: 2016 Tree Software Compatible with Ancestry.com

Post by famiglietti49 » 22 Jun 2016, 18:06

I would save your data and reinstall the software.

A script error generally occurs when you try to run a computer application or access a web page and your system cannot understand or implement the command. When an error message appears, it will sometimes indicate what the problem is such as letting you know the page has displayed but with errors. You may receive an unresponsive script error, as the page continues slowly attempting to load.

A script error may be the result of problems within the source code on the page, or it could be a problem with your system or your system settings. If your computer, or certain elements of it are outdated, or if your settings are faulty, you will likely see a number of errors. Settings on your computer or within your network may have been adjusted to block things like Java Applets or Active X controls. Changing the settings, if allowable, may relieve the problem.

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