Maria Gerarda Russo - b. Jan. 24, 1892 - Muro Lucano

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Dee M.
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Maria Gerarda Russo - b. Jan. 24, 1892 - Muro Lucano

Post by Dee M. » 19 Jun 2016, 04:30

I am trying to find information (marriage, birth and death records) for my grandmother's parents and siblings.

According to the 1892 birth records book for Muro Lucano, Italy (Region of Basilicata, Provence of Potenza), page 161, entry number 25, my grandmother was born Maria Gerarda Russo on the 24th day of January in the year 1892 to Pasquale Russo and Angelamaria (Valente) Russo.

She had 6 siblings, all born in Muro Lucano: Frank, Anthony, Catherine, Maggie, Rose, and Nancy. Maria may have been the youngest of Pasquale and Angelamaria's 7 children. I do not know if there might have been other children of the marriage that did not survive to adulthood.

Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Re: Maria Gerarda Russo - b. Jan. 24, 1892 - Muro Lucano

Post by Tessa78 » 19 Jun 2016, 19:13

Here is a POSSIBLE son born in 1894 in Muro Lucano -
Father: Pasquale Russo
Mother: Angelamaria Vitiello, his wife
Child born 27 October 1894 (Record #294)
Given the name MICHELE ... cc=1483052

As you can see, the surname of the mother is different ...
In BOTH cases (Maria Guarda and the above Michele) the midwife, Teresina Rossetti, made the presentation/declaration because the father, Pasquale Russo, was far from the town.

Here is the birth act of daughter, Nunziata (Nancy?), in 1889

Born 10 November 1889
Father: Pasquale Russo, 34, watchman/caretaker. He made the presentation at the town office.
Mother: Angelamaria Valente, his wife, farmer.
Child given the name NUNZIATA ... cc=1483052

Birth of daughter, Maria Michela Rosamaria, in 1885
Born 7 May 1885
Father: Pasquale Russo, 30, farmer
Mother: Angelamaria Valente, his wife, farmer ... cc=1483052

Birth of daughter, Caterina, 1883 ... cc=1483052


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Re: Maria Gerarda Russo - b. Jan. 24, 1892 - Muro Lucano

Post by mmogno » 19 Jun 2016, 23:32

Antonio Maria Russo #241
Born 15 September 1877
Father: Pasquale Russo, 23.
Mother: Angelamaria Valente. ... cc=1483052

Francesco Antonio Russo #295
Born 12 October 1879
Father: Pasquale Russo, 24.
Mother: Angelamaria Valente. ... cc=1483052

Maria Russo #49
Born 3 March 1897
Father: Pasquale Russo.
Mother: Angelamaria Valente. ... cc=1483052

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