jure sanguinis process questions

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jure sanguinis process questions

Post by miucci » 07 Aug 2016, 04:33

Hi all,

Where is the best place for me to get advice on some specific questions I have for the jure sanguinis process?

The two websites I've found are businesses so I can't really ask for help without paying..

If this is the wrong place, please help point me somewhere else!

Currently, my two questions are:

1) I've read conflicting things on what needs apostille. Is it every US document, or just those of direct line?? I can't afford to waste money on getting my grandmother and great grandmothers documents apostilled if I don't need to.

2) Do translations need to be certified by someone special?? Can I just translate documents myself?

Thank you for any help!

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Re: jure sanguinis process questions

Post by jennabet » 07 Aug 2016, 19:33

Every record that you are submitting which was created outside of Italy must have an apostille. And no, you can't translate the documents yourself. Your consulate can provide you with recommended translators.

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