Cipolat family from Aviano

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Cipolat family from Aviano

Post by icipolat » 02 Nov 2016, 21:45


I've been working off and on for a few years to track down information from my grandfather's family. Long story short, my grandfather, Marco Gotet Cipolat was born in Aviano in 1898, came to the US in 1921 and according to my father had a falling out with his family and never went back. Due to the falling out he rarely spoke about his family, but would send money back to his mother until she died. My father was only 14 when my grandfather died so knew very little about his side of the family.

Through the little my father knows, and my research I know he was born April 20, 1898 in Aviano to Basilio Gotet Cipolat and Mellina Maria. I've found different records as to his mother's name and also to his date of birth. My most recent find was his actual birth record when it was recorded in 1898 which contains the information I mentioned above. I know from digging through some of those records he has two younger siblings (a sister and a brother) but am not sure how many others. My father knew his grandfather's family was quite large, but has never had any contact with anyone in Aviano. I'm really searching for any information or at least a starting point to try and learn more and work my way down the family tree as I suspect I have quite a few cousins.

The only other bit of information I have is that my grandfather (as well as his father) were both stone masons. I never met my grandfather but when I was old enough my father would drive my sisters and I around our hometown and show us the things my grandfather had built, including the front stone work of the high school we all attended (it was the last job he completed before he died) and the house of our representative to Congress.

I have attached the image of the birth record I found recently that I unfortunately have had a hard time translating. Any help or info I would greatly appreciate!
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Re: Cipolat family from Aviano

Post by adelfio » 26 Nov 2016, 01:50

Marriage record of Basilio Gotet Cipolat and Mellina Maria

PG LINK TO RECORD ... cc=2043819

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