trying to find marriage and divorce records in CT

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trying to find marriage and divorce records in CT

Post by mtjordan51 » 10 Nov 2016, 13:18

Ciao Tutti. I am close to having all the records I need for my husband's js application. However the office is asking for the divorce decree of the first marriage from his grandmother and the marriage certificate of the third marriage at the time of his death. I have searched all records for months where I think these events could have taken place but no luck. I am starting to wonder if people in those days did not actually get divorced but instead some how just married again or the 3rd "wife" could have lived with him in common law calling herself his wife on the death certificate ? I have the second marriage certificate but I have no idea if that could be obtained without a divorce from the first wife. The death certificate of the grandmother who is also the first wife states she is a "widow". Of course, I cannot be sure of whose widow she was. I hope you can follow this because I realize it is somewhat confusing. I cannot even believe that someone in these times would actually be divorced twice. There are no family members who have information. Can anyone shed light on these issues. Grazia Mille.

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Re: trying to find marriage and divorce records in CT

Post by OrangeBlossom44 » 19 Nov 2016, 05:39

This link allows you to search for marriage indexes in CT, tells date of marriage and city location. A start.

This link allows a similar search for death indexes in CT.

You may also wish to join these Facebook genealogy groups that focus on CT. ... gyJustAsk/ ... s/?fref=ts

Also, have you tried searching city directories in CT? and have search tools that may help you locate your husband's ancestors as they move in the region. Having that information might help you determine the county, etc., that should have the records you are seeking.
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