Family Research- Lazio and Basilicata Regions

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Family Research- Lazio and Basilicata Regions

Post by rtamburrino » 30 Dec 2005, 18:23

Seeking information and relatives of the following families in Lazio:

Ferraresi, Bellucci, Meloni, Bergamini, Croce, DeSalvia, Ciucci

Amalio Ferraresi (b. circa 1893) married Anita DeSalvia and settled in Montecelio (Guidonia). They had 9 children, of which the youngest son is my father. The family moved to Rome during WWII.

Amalio and his sister, Carlotta, are the children of Isaia Ferraresi and Diomira Bellucci. Anita DeSalvia is the daughter of Francesco DeSalvia and Maria Croce (originally from the Naples area).

Luigi Bergamini (b. 1906, d. 1982) married Orietta Ciucci (b. 1909, d. 2003) and had three children; the youngest daughter is my mother. The family had three children and lived in Sant'angelo Romano.

Luigi Bergamini is the son of Michele Bergamini and Lucia Meloni, both of Sant'angelo Romano as well. Michele Bergamini is the son of Marcello Bergamini.

Seeking information and relatives for the following families in the Basilicata Region:

Tamburrino, LaCapra

Rocco Tamburrino married Maria LaCapra in Vaglio di Basilicata and had five children (though most were born in the United States after he emigrated to Chicago in the early part of the 20th century).

We believe Rocco's father to be Carlo Mario Tamburrino.

I thank anyone and everyone for any assistance they can provide. I am more than willing to return the favor in any way that I can. I do speak fluent Italian, so perhaps I can aid someone in translations.

The legacy of the past is the foundation of the future.

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Re: Family Research- Lazio and Basilicata Regions

Post by raymo » 30 Dec 2005, 22:19


I took a quick look around on Google, here's what I found on the towns you mentioned in your post...not sure though, what info you're specifically looking for on your families.

Did not find a website for the comune itself, but did find an email for Vaglio di Basilicata: Might be a good place for you to send the questions you need answered.

On, I found a page for Sant'Angelo Romano, with links. On that same page, you can also link to Guidonia Montecelio info.

For Sant'Angelo Romano's comune, I found the following info:

Telefono 0774-300808
Fax 0774-420547

Amministratori Comune di Sant'Angelo Romano
Carica: Sindaco
Nome: Angelo Gabrielli (M)

If you're looking for relatives who may still be living in those towns, you may want to try, and input the surnames to see the results, which will include physical addresses as well as phone #s. Since you speak Italian, this site will be easy for you to use. This is how I found my family in Italy!

Good luck ! Let us know if we can help further.

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Re: Family Research- Lazio and Basilicata Regions

Post by lisa_i_gosling » 20 Apr 2006, 19:33

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Re: Family Research- Lazio and Basilicata Regions

Post by jcsm400 » 20 Apr 2006, 20:25

Hi lisa_i_gosling,

Most towns in Italy have had their vital records (Civil registers)filmed by the Mormans, at else from 1809 & up ( end in 1865 & some go to abt 1910). Some have filmed church records that date back to 1600's (?).

If you are looking for records during above time periods,you should first check film availablity for your towns & see about renting the films from your local Family History Center.

Here is a link to locate your local FHC. ... et_fhc.asp

Rental of films is abt. $5.50/5.75 for abt a month. :)

PS. Suggest starting your own "post" with your available family info.

Let us know if this helps!

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