Looking for relatives making a family tree.

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Looking for relatives making a family tree.

Post by mdybtct » 09 Mar 2006, 02:29

these are all the family last names i am looking for Monaco, Acadia, Carpeggiani,Molini,Campanella,Castellano. These are the names that I know of so Far that are related. I know a little bit but not to much.

what I do know is my Great Grandparents on my fathers side are Antonio Monaco, Marianna Monaco (Maiden name Acadia)
They are from Puglia province in Italy.
Not sure of exact birthdates...1898 or so. She was a teacher, then housewife after marriage. He was an industrial painter.
They moved to Hamilton Ontario ( canada)
And had two children
Luigi Monaco my grandfather and Bruno Monaco My Geat Uncle.(who were born in canada)
Not sure on the relative last names to Monaco.
the Acadia Family my (Great Grandmother) are related to
Campanella, Hanley, Castellano
Only thing I know about the Monaco family is where they are from and went to and what i have put abouve But i do know that in Italian Monaco means MONK.

Know the other side of my fathers Family his mother this is what i know.
Alice brown (Maiden name Molini) this is my great grandmother
She is was born in India. She is the child of an Italian businessman and an English woman who was the daughter of Colonel Hart, who was stationed there with the British army. She was born Nov 6, 1905.
Carpeggiani and Molini are related to her for the Italian side. but I have no info about her father or where they are actually from.

I do know there is a family crest for monaco that i am waiting to get. but that is all i know about the italian side in my family. What other information I do have is my great grandfather Molini is he ended up owning a lime juice company and was called Mr Molly With the Lollies. I guess he always cared candy in his pocket for the kids. I have no I idea were to go or start since my family moved all over the place. they went to the states and to canada.

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