Quarello family-Rivara

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Quarello family-Rivara

Post by dannyquarrell » 12 Nov 2018, 23:41


I'm researching my family and I am hoping to see if anybody here might have any additional information beyond what I have found.

My great great great grandfather is Bernardo Quarello. He was born in Rivara Italy in 1855. I believe he was married to Giovanna Paola Poletto who was also from Rivara. Bernardo eventually came to the US and lived in California.

His son, Michele Angelo Quarrell (my great great grandfather) was born in Rivara in 1880 and immigrated to the US in 1895.

Bernado's parents are believed to be Michele Quarello and Maria Beltramo. I have little evidence for this though. Maria Beltramo's father's name may have been Bernardo Beltramo.

Here are some specific questions I have.

It seems there are many people with the last name Quarelli still living in Rivara. Is this an alternate spelling for Quarello or is this an entirely different surname?

Can anyone help direct me to a local resource in the Rivara area that might be able to assist me further?

Any other information is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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