Help with surnames Grassi, Montanari y Spaggiari (Reggio Emilia)

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Help with surnames Grassi, Montanari y Spaggiari (Reggio Emilia)


Hi everyone,
My name is Diego Grassi. I'm a new member in this group. I was born in Argentina but currently living in France (Bordeaux). One of my hobbies is genealogical research and I have spent several years building the genealogical tree of the Grassi family who emigrated from Italy to Argentina. However, I have very little knowledge about my ancestors that stayed in Italy.
So far I know that my ancestor who emigrated from Italy was called Luigi Giuseppe Maria Grassi (see attached files). He was my great-great-grandfather and he was born in San Prospero Strinati, Reggio Emilia on 13 August 1849. Luigi Grassi's parents were Pietro Grassi and Rosalia Montanari. His godparents were Giovanni Batista Grassi and Giulia Spaggiari (marriage). Giovanni Batista Grassi should be Pietro Grassi's brother (not sure about this, it's only speculation). The name of Pietro Grassi's father was Giulio Grassi (born around 1800, I think in Reggio Emilia also).
Luigi Grassi married Maria Nicora (born in Marseille, Genoa) in Genoa on February 2, 1876 (see attached files). They had 2 kids in Italy, one called Rosa (born in Picerno, 1878) and another one called Cesare (born in Genoa, 1880). Around 1884 this family emigrated to Argentina. My great-grandfather was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1885.
I would like to know the identity of the Grassi family members before Guilio and Pietro Grassi, as well as the history of the Grassi family that stayed in Italy or emigrated to other countries. Therefore, if one of these names match or is listed between your ancestors, please let me know. All the information you can send me will be useful to continue my research. I'm also open to ideas or suggestions.
Thank you in advance for your help and kindness.

Diego Grassi

PS: I wrote several e-mails to the Reggio Emilia State Archive and the San Prospero Strinati Church to see if they could give me more information about my great-great-grandfather or his relatives but they told me that I have to do the research personally or through an intermediary. So I'm planning a trip to Reggio Emilia in the near future.
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Re: Help with surnames Grassi, Montanari y Spaggiari (Reggio Emilia)

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My Great-Grandmother was Maria Carmella Grassi. I have been researching the name too. I have a connection to Bologna because my Mother was from there, but not a Grassi relative.

My Father's Uncle visited Bologna and told my parents that he had relatives there that were Grassi family members, but our Grassi family was from Tricarico, Italy and had moved to the US in the early 1900s. From what I have put together, the family may have been in Venice before Bologna (Casa Grassi is an Art Museum) and there is also a Grassi house in Bologna.

This is a guess, until I can put it together fully. The Grassi Family maybe from Austria (Grase) and then moved to Venice. One relative was clergy who "worked" with the Medici family and there was another Grassi family member who went to China and was martyred as a Saint. ( We also had several family members in the clergy way back, and an Auxiliary Bishop of NY who was a Grassi grandson of my great-grandmother.

The interesting part of this, is that before and maybe some members at the time of the move to Bologna (and Tricarico after that), were Jewish by ancestry name. There were Jewish Grassi family members and the name is listed in Jewish Genealogy in Italy. I am still seeking the connections and more proof, but that's what I've put together so far.

PS I have relatives from my mother's side in Argentina as well.

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