Finding records in La Spezia - early 19thC

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Finding records in La Spezia - early 19thC

Post by mnb315 » 13 Jan 2019, 18:41

I am working on locating birth and marriage certificates for several people who were born in La Spezia (Corniglia, Parrochia di San Pietro Apostolo and Ricco del Golfo, Parrochia di Santa Croce) who were all born between ~1780-1835. I have not been able to find these records online, but am fairly new to searching for Italian records as their descendants later immigrated to Chile.

Could anyone advise on whether records in these locations during this period might be available online somewhere, or if we will need to reach out to the churches directly? If so, any advice on the best way to do so? I do not speak Italian, but can use Google Translate :)

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Re: Finding records in La Spezia - early 19thC

Post by Italysearcher » 14 Jan 2019, 12:44

These records are usually only found at the local parish unless someone has digitized them personally (not often). There are a few years available on line at but I don't think these are what you are looking for. They are conserved at the State Archives so there are probably more years at the church itself.
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