Birth date discrepancies between civil and church records

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Birth date discrepancies between civil and church records

Post by saccolicious » 14 Jun 2019, 23:16

I have baptism records for 1809 (and many years prior) for the town of Civitaquana, and I'm finding that the birth dates are sometimes a day off, even when the hour might be right, and i'm wondering if I'm misinterpreting the records.

For example, one baptism record says:

Baptised 4 Settembre 1809
Born ad un ora di notte di detto giorno

While the civil record says:

Filed 4 Settembre 1809
Declarant says that child was born 3 Settembre 1809 ad ore una della notte

Should I be interpreting the civil record to mean that 1 at night really means 4 Settembre at 1 am.

Many records have this discrepancy - referring to an early hour, but saying the date was the previous date, not that same date in the morning.

Do any researchers out there have an idea how to reconcile this? Whether to err on the side of the church or civil record? Or just to use my intuition on a case-by-case basis.

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Re: Birth date discrepancies between civil and church records

Post by Italysearcher » 15 Jun 2019, 13:58

1am is certainly 1 in the morning so base the date on that. Normally a child is baptized the same day as the registration which is usually the day after the birth, or the same day (date).
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