Help Finding Records from Index

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Help Finding Records from Index

Post by jc93 » 11 Jan 2020, 07:49

Hi all,

I've been working hard at finding some actual records for my ancestors. I have located an index with two possible ancestors on familysearch but I'm struggling to find the actual records that correspond to them.

Here is the link to the index: ... cat=316910

The two in question are listed on the index as Vincenzo Malta & Esperanza Maltese (both conveniently on the same page).
Vincenzo Malta (I've seen this last name appear as Marta, Matta, & Malta):
Vincenzo - Liberante - Maltese Speranza - 27 febb. 1895 - a. 47 - uff. 1 - p. 2 - v. 284 - n. 690

Esperanza Maltese:
Esperanza - Vincenzo - Medici Giuseppa - 31 genn. 1893 - a. 79 - uff. 1 - p. 2 - v. 272 - n. 555

I'm confident Vincenzo Malta/Marta/Matta is in my family tree as he has the same parents as another one of my ancestors (so he's a great-uncle). I'm trying to determine if this Esperanza Maltese is the specific one I'm looking for & I'm hoping the death record can validate that for me.

The Morti records for the city of Palermo are available for these years on familysearch, but I just can't seem to find them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Help Finding Records from Index

Post by Italysearcher » 13 Jan 2020, 10:23

Records of Italy, Palermo, Palermo, Civil Registration (Tribunale) are available online, click here.

Civil registration (stato civile) of births, marriages, and deaths within the custody of the Palermo Courthouse (Tribunale di Cagliari). Includes ten-year indexes (indici decennali); residency records (cittadinanze); supplemental records (allegati); and marriage banns (pubblicazioni). Availability of records is largely dependent on time period and locality.

Just because they are in the index doesn't mean the actual record is available.
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Re: Help Finding Records from Index

Post by parkergambino » 16 Jan 2020, 17:36


I don't think that these death records are to be found online. We all wish for more complete records, but must face the reality.

It will be helpful if you provide more complete information about other relatives, some alluded to in your message. It is hard to know in advance which particular clue leads to the key that unlocks.

This might be approached by consulting the marriage indexes. With Vincenzo born approximately 1848, it will take us to the Antenati records, which are presented differently from FamilySearch, requiring a completely different skill set. Have fun poking around, and if you get stuck and need additional guidance, ask here! Start at : ... ?g2_page=1

Bear in mind that the record-keeping is affected by Palermo geography, which has complexities that I don't fully understand. But this (yes, imperfect) USA analogy may help: think "New York"; there is a state with that name, a city with that name, and a borough (county) with that name. The lowest level for Palermo is the "borgata" level, which you would have already seen in FamilySearch.

There is an 1835 Sant' Oliva marriage between [20 year-old Liberante Malta x 18 year-old Speranza Maltese]
The parents of Liberante are [Pietro Malta x Teresa Fiorito]
The parents of Speranza are [Vincenzo Maltese x Giuseppa Morici]

Other details can be gleaned from the record ... ewsIndex=0

It is not a stretch to see that "Giuseppa Medici" might have been recorded as "Giuseppa Morici"; just don't ask me which is "correct"! The age discrepancies are within the range of what can be expected from these records.

I do not have time right now to pursue this further.

From the Antenati site given above, if you choose "Palermo" without a borgata designation, it will take you to the 10-year indexes. By the way, there is a mis-transcription in the index (or in Tornabene's OCR transcription) which has reversed the first and last names of Liberante Malta.


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