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Post by Annie1 » 07 Jul 2006, 19:52

Hi All,

I am new to this forum so i hope you can help me. My maiden name was Deforie. My grandad actually spelt it different on his own birth certificate from the one on my dad's birth certificate. It makes it slightly harder tracing your family tree.

I am the great grand-daughter of Ralphael Deforie and Teresa Verrecchia(probably spelt it wrong again). Also the great niece of Uncle Angelo DiFiori(Spelt differently again) and Aunt Philomena Verrecchia. The story goes that two sisters married two brothers after meeting coming to England in the late 1800's. They came originally from Atina in Italy as far as I can find out.

My grandad was Joseph Deforie and he was once sent to stay with relatives in Scotland as his family didn't want him to marry my nan. The plans didn't work as they were married for over 50 years!!!

Does this ring a bell with anyone?



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Re: Deforie/Defiore/Verrecchia

Post by suanj » 07 Jul 2006, 20:32

the surname is DI FIORE; right; Verrecchia is right.. by LDS microfilms,
1810-1865 Atina civil records you can find more info ... umns=*,0,0

For all certificates you can to write :
Servizi Demografici
Piazza Saturno - Centro Storico
03042 ATINA (FR)
regards, suanj
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Re: Deforie/Defiore/Verrecchia

Post by Emmy » 21 Jul 2006, 02:38

Hi Annie
I didnt forget about you but tonight was the first of my sister-in-law getting back to me.
She was the only one in her family ever to come to Scotland and she cannot relate to any of the names you mentioned. Her surname is Di Fiore

Did the two sisters who married two brothers who came to Scotland get married in Italy?
Did your Grandad and Nan get married in Italy?

If they were married in Atina and you knew the approx date of the marriages you could order the appropriate film. Suanj has given you a link to the films and if you click on that link then on 'view films' you will see the Matrimoni films available and the order number next to it.

I never knew about the microfilms, or about the Family History Centres which are run by the church of The LatterDaySaints before I joined this forum. Their web site is www.

The marriage acts will be in Italian but its quite easy to recognise the surname you are looking for and if you cant understand the contents -like me- just copy it and post it in the Language /Translation forum and some kind person will translate it for you. (Dont use the Google translation it just doesnt make sense)

The dates of the films only go up to 1865 so if its later that you will need to write to the address in Atina that Suanj gave you, once again if you cant write in Italian, write it in English and post it in the Language/Translation forum and someome will help and translate it into Italian for you.
Sometimes the Comunes in Italy take a long time to answer. You should enclose an Iternational Reply Coupon which you can get at the post office, costs 60p, to cover the cost of the return postage.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you,
Dont give up, keep trying
God Bless

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