DNA Testing

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DNA Testing

Post by Elizabeth4033 » 22 Jul 2006, 21:54


I was just wondeirng if anyone has ever taken a ethnicity test to determine their DNA. I have seen them adverstised on www.genebase.com and wondered if they are reliable.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: DNA Testing

Post by vineviz » 25 Jul 2006, 03:29


There are three types of DNA testing that can be done for genealogical purposes.

Autosomal DNA testing is designed to tell you, in very broad terms (i.e. vague) your general ethnic background. DNA Tribes and AncestrybyDNA are the widely respected firms in this field.

Y-DNA testing is designed to help you identify relatives on your paternal (father's father's father etc) lineage. Mitochondrial DNA testing is designed to help you identify relatives on your maternal (mother's mother's mother etc.) lineage. Relative Genetics, DNA Heritage, and Family Tree DNA are widely respected firms in these two fields.

Which type of test you should order (and which firm you should use) depends greatly on what exactly you are trying to figure out.

Genebase is relatively new and not very well known.

There is an Italy DNA project set up at Family Tree DNA, by the way ( http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Italy/index.aspx ).


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