Are these the same people?

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Are these the same people?

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Gaspare Bono was born in 1866. He was born in Monreale, Italy. He was the son of Girolamo Bono and Lucia Li Fonti. There is also a daughter with the same parents born in 1868 and a son in 1870. I looked thru the entire index and found only one marriage record for Girolamo Bono & Lucia Lifonti. But, it is from 1870. I have never come across this issue before. Below is the marriage record: ... cc=2046915
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Re: Are these the same people?

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It definitely happens that couples had children when unmarried and later they married. Often you'll see a notation on a civil marriage record that the marriage legitimizes the births of prior children, listing them with names and birth dates. Do you have birth records for the children? If so, what does it say about the parents?
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Re: Are these the same people?

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This is the Santa Maria church bapistimal record of 1866 June 13th Gaspare Bono son of Girolamo Bono and Lucia Li Fonti

PG LINK 2ND LEFT SIDE ... cat=988561

Gaspare Bono in the Palermo, Italy, Marriages, 1820-1895

Palermo, Italy, Marriages, 1820-1895No Image
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Name: Gaspare Bono
Spouse: Felicia Lo Golfo
Marriage Date: 27 ott 1887 (27 Oct 1887)
Marriage Place: ufficio 2, Palermo
Father Name: Giroiamo Bono
Mother Name: Lucia Li Fonti
Volume: 125
Number: 603

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