Immigration and Naturalization Records

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Immigration and Naturalization Records

Post by RubyLeo » 30 Aug 2006, 06:49

How do I find out if my grandfather ever became a U.S. citizen? He was born in Ivrea in 1893 and was brought to the U.S. as a young child..

I know I have to file a FOI request, but how difficult is it to actually get the information?

Thank you.

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Re: Immigration and Naturalization Records

Post by nuccia » 30 Aug 2006, 07:06

Have you placed your grandfather on a census record? Have you checked ancestry? Sometimes this information is available online and then you would be able to follow up by writing away for his naturalization papers.

If you place him online then you would have a rough idea if and when the naturalization took place and a search would be easier.

If you like, you could post your grandfathers info here (name, birthdate, state in settled in, etc) and someone here (or everyone) will ty to help you.

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