LAZER, CAMELOSSA Surnames of Basalghelle, Monsue (TV)

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LAZER, CAMELOSSA Surnames of Basalghelle, Monsue (TV)

Post by trevisan2 » 11 Sep 2006, 18:37

I need help is researching the parents of DOMEINCA LAZER born 29 November 1746 in Basalghelle, Monsue. (TV).
Married 19 Feb. 1767 in Soffratta, Moreno di Piave, (TV)
Died 25 March 1815 in Soffratta, Morend di Piave, (TV)

Her parents are Andrea Lazer listed in Rigole, Mansue, (TV)
Maria Camelossa

I need help on finding Andrea Lazer and Maria Camelossa. ANYONE with information on these two people would be appreciated.

Researching in the provincia di Treviso, Italy, Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia of Brescia.
Domege di Cadore, Cavalo, Fumane, Verona

Forno di Rivara, TO, Canischio, TO

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Re: LAZER, CAMELOSSA Surnames of Basalghelle, Monsue (TV)

Post by wishyou » 12 Sep 2006, 03:19

"Basalghelle, Monsue"
Basalghelle, Mansuè

"Moreno di Piave"
Mareno di Piave

I never heard surname as Lazer or Camelossa in the province of Treviso.
Anyway about Lazer I have no idea, about Camelossa could be written at venexian way? In that time they used to write women surname as Venice language, adding an "a" and the end of the surname, indicating that that woman came from that family. So Rosolen became Rosolena, Scotà became Scotada, Caliman became Calimana and so far.
So the exact surname of Maria could be Camelos and thinking a reading missunderstanding of the act (letter "m" instead of letters "r" "n"), the right surname could be CaRNelos, which normally exists in the east side of the Treviso Province.
But it's an idea, you had to check it.

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