Need help requesting Records from Italy.

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Need help requesting Records from Italy.

Post by Nello-LosAngeles » 27 Jan 2007, 06:10

I need marriage licsenses and birth certificates for my grandparents from Capannori, Lucca. They were born in the 1880's and maried in early 1900's. I have exact dates of birth but only an approximate date of marriage. Need Certified copies of long forms with parents names on them. What do I request?
Can this be done online or is it all via mail? How do I pay for these?


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Re: Need help requesting Records from Italy.

Post by drovedo » 27 Jan 2007, 20:21

Request these documents in ITALIAN from the State Archives via regular mail. I've had some luck by email but not on the whole.


Archivio di Stato
Provincia Di Lucca
Piazza Giudiccioni 8
55100 Lucca, Italy

Web Address: ... /info.html

These documents should be free, however, there may be a small fee in order for them to mail them to your location. Send no money, but do include in the letters that you are willing to pay a fee if there is any.

Request the Certificato di Matrimonio (certified).
Request the Certificato di Nascita (Certified).

There are form letters available if you do not write Italian on the internet.

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