Help finding records for Martirano, in Calabria

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Help finding records for Martirano, in Calabria

Post by Ricky1016 » 18 Feb 2007, 06:11

Does anyone know how to obtan records in Martirano or what records they even offer? I tried going on, and I got completely confused with all the Italian that came up. The only thing that caught my eye was "Martirano 1815" I'm not sure if that means records start at that year or if they only have them for that year...can someone please help me? I put the the web adress at the bottom.


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Re: Help finding records for Martirano, in Calabria

Post by nuccia » 18 Feb 2007, 18:22

Ricky, I'm probably the worst person for reading these records but its my guess that the film you are referring has the Processetti (like the Marriage Banns here) for the year 1815..

One of our other members can certainly confirm this. Nonna...are you out there???
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