Maria Lalli and Nicola Colombo of New Rochelle, NY

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Maria Lalli and Nicola Colombo of New Rochelle, NY

Post by NYJudi » 26 Feb 2007, 04:46

A few months back I sent away for my grandparents certificate of marriage and received it from The Church of The Blessed Sacrament in New Rochelle, NY. It wasn't a copy of the original certificate, rather a certificate that was recently handwritten of the information that was on the original. Standing up for them was Nicola Colombo. Nicola was also listed on my grandfathers application to become a citizen. I'm trying to find out if this was a brother of my grandfather Domenico Colombo or maybe a cousin? The application to become a citizen listed Nicola as living in Pelham Manor, NY which borders New Rochelle, NY. The only Nicola that I could find in the census is from New Rochelle.

Also standing up for them was a Maria Di Talli, Jalli, Lalli. I believe that the person who copied the application saw Maria D Lalli thinking that the period was an i. I can't find anyone in New Rochelle with the last name of Di Talli or Jalli, just Lalli. I also sent away for what I thought was my parents marriage certificate. I received a certificate back but it was for a Dominick Thomas Colombo who was marrying Matel Mae Kelly in New Rochelle, who are not my parents. My dads name was Dominick J. Colombo, my mothers name was Dorothy Martin. I remember my mother saying that my father had so many cousin in New Rochelle, that even he didn't know all of them. The grooms father was named Joseph Colombo while the groom mother was Rosaria Lalli.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking that Maria Lalli and Nicola Colombo had to be a family member.


Judy Colombo

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