Picciati Orsolini or Tognocchi families

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Picciati Orsolini or Tognocchi families

Post by rbialkowski » 30 Mar 2007, 20:38

Hoping to find anyone with connections to my family...


Alessio Picciati & Amalia Tognocchi, probably born in the late 1840's-very early 1850's, lived in Carrara. Amalia was related somehow to the Orsolini family...she & a man named Pietro Orsolini were the owners of the Orsolini quarry.


Alcide Picciati & Amalia Raggi, Alcide born in 1869 in Carrara. Amalia arrived in the US in 1893. Unclear if they married here or in Italy. They initially lived in Proctor VT and by 1901 were in Baltimore. Alcide died in 1907. His younger brother Aldo Picciati arrived in the U.S. in 1906, and relocated to NYC after a short time in Baltimore. His sons were Henry Picciati (died in the 40's) and Alexander Picciati (Americanized name to Pickett). I have located their children. Amalia had a daughter by another man after Alcide's death, a daughter named Edith. Edith did eventually live in Florida. Amalia's fate is unknown, and Edith's name & family are unknown.

grandfather & siblings (Alcide's children):

1. "Lottie" - believed to be the eldest. Married name & children unknown. Died in Baltimore in the 70's.

2. Arthuro (Arthur) Picciati - born 1894, died in the 70's in PA. Had one son (possibly named Charles).

3. Esterna (Ester) Picciati - born 1895. Possibly died in the 50's in CT. Married Ezio Battaglia (born in Carrara, son of Lazarre Battaglia). Adopted her nephew Louis as her son. No other children. Louis died in 2007. Have located his children.

4. Guillamo (William) Picciati - born 1900, died in 1969 in PA. Married Lena Picciati. Son Louis Picciati adopted by William's sister Ester. Wife Lena died in childbirth with 2nd son Guillardo, who died 2 months later.

5. Emilio (Emil) Picciati - born 1901, died 1977 Brockport NY. This was my grandfather.

6. Madeline Picciati Padova McKeown - born 1904, died 1994 in FL. Outlived two husbands, son, and daughter. Have already contacted a grandson...uncertain if there are other grandchildren.

7. Camille Picciati Belotti - born 1906, died in the 70's in NJ. Married Martino Belotti. Daughter Jeanette died in 1996 in TX, son Martin still living.

I am trying to find the eldest daughter Lottie's family but without a name have little hope right now. The same applies to the youngest daughter, Edith (who theoretically may still be alive). I am also not certain if I will learn what happened to Amalia Raggi.

I am working with a researcher to learn more of the family in Carrara. In 2003 a man in Italy named Paolo posted a message on a board seeking Ezio & Ester's family...I have emailed him but have had no response. Most likely now that 4 years have passed he may not use that email address.

I believe the Orsolini family in Carrara is of noble descent and have a long history with marble. There is an Orsolini palace in Carrara which I assume was built by the same family.

If anything sounds familiar, my email addr is rbialkowski@gmail.com

Thank you.

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