how can I search for an address

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how can I search for an address

Post by louis41 » 19 Apr 2007, 02:45

My great-grandfather Luigi came here 13 May 1902, from Havre, France through New York. His name was misspelled on the manifest as Yamelli instead of Ianelli.

He was listed as coming to visit his sister Louisia Ianelli on the ships manifest. It said she lived at what looked like 100 N Fallon St. in Phila Pa at the time.

I have a feeling she may have been married and that is the reason I can not find her on the census for 1900 or 1910.

Is there a way to find someone with the address, time and first name? I have checked the street name and that is the only one that fits what it looks like on the manifest.

I will appreciate any input you can give me as to how to go about a search.



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Re: how can I search for an address

Post by vj » 19 Apr 2007, 14:03

Here's one way, hope it makes sense. vj

How to: page by page in US Census (1910-1930)
when you know an address

- plug address into mapquest to find cross streets
- go to Steve Morse ED finder
follow instructions to get Enumeration District
- go to census year, go to state, go to city
check list of Enumeration Districts to make sure yours is correct
- go back to search page on ancestry, plug in the state, city and
correct ED
- optional: add info you know - first name or first 3 letters of
name followed by an*, approx birth year, place of birth, etc
- you can scroll thru the list of hits on ancestry or scroll
page by page thru the census

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