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Post by DuskToDusk » 28 May 2007, 23:54

So, I'm looking for information on my family but the problem is that it's very difficult since most of my family lives up North while i live in South Carolina but if you could help me it'd be so much help.

My grandpa's name is Keith Carrier but i know for a fact that his family changed there name from Carriero to Carrier to look more Americanized and there from the Massachusetts area. From what I've heard his family might have come to America about the late 1800s or early 1900s. I know this might be a broad task but if i could have some information on families that came to America during that time from Italy I'd be very grateful.


Immigration Years- Between 1880-1910
Surname: Carriero

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Re: Carriero

Post by vj » 29 May 2007, 00:16

Welcome to the Forum :D .
Here's a great starting place:
click here Ellis Island
You can search by last name only and
arrival dates (starting in 1892)
If you had just a little more info, we
could check other ports for you.
Approx birth date, parents, etc
We may be able to locate a census
and work backwards to a manifest.
Where did the family live 1900 - 1930
Let us know how we can help.

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Re: Carriero

Post by wldspirit » 29 May 2007, 21:01

Have you obtained any US documentation? And if so, what US documents have you obtained......this way we do not duplicate research and records.
wldspirit :D

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