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Where to go from here

Post by di » 29 Mar 2003, 05:48

I am researching my great grandparents. My ggfather's name was Ignazio Mandala. He was born on Sept 4, 1875 in Palermo, Sicily. He came to the US on July 7, 1893. The story is that his aunt Josephine raised him. He met his mother when he was 18. I do not know his father's name.

His wife was born in Tokaj, Hungary and was raised by her brother. Can't go back any further on that side either.

When I tried to look up records for Palermo. There were two places called Palermo. I got very confused at that point. I'm not sure how to get more info at this point.

If any one can give me suggestions, I would appreciate it.

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Post by Edmondo » 29 Mar 2003, 08:59

There is a city Palermo in Sicily and a there is a hamlet of CERESOLE ALBA in Torino called Palermo. You mention Palermo, Sicily. If you are sure of that there is a good chanche you gg-parents are for the province of Palermo not from the city.

MANADALA is a common name in the province of Palermo, I advise you to make sure from what town exactly he was.

You can also concentrate on the next places where the surname is most common, or maybe better visit http://www.ellisisland.org.

- Piana dei Greci (today called Piana degli Albanesi)
- Carini
- Monreale

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