Cannizzaro family from Sicily

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Re: Cannizzaro family from Sicily

Post by sleone1981 » 10 Aug 2013, 03:10

adelfio wrote:I found this 1909 shipmanifest with Rosa Zorbo age 41 and her daughter Gaetana Cannizzaro age 9 months coming from Caltavuturo,Palermo to see her nephrew Michele Zorba
and says on pg 2 they were born in Caltavuturo

PG1 manifest line 25&26 ... &line=0025

PG 2 ... &line=0025

Could the age for Gaetana be an error? My great-grandmother would have been 9 years old in May 1909, not 9 months.....but everything else fits the limited information I have. My great-great-grandmother Rosa's birth year (in the one census record I have of her) was listed as 1865. This manifest puts it closer to 1867, but that is well within the margin of error for records of this time.

The most intriguing similarity I see is on the second page, where it lists how long the traveller/ immigrant has previously lived in the U.S. The manifest says Rosa Zorbo lived in the U.S. from 1894 to 1908, which fits the timeline my grandfather gave me of his grandparents' immigration and subsequent travel.....

I am not 100% sure this record is of my family, but it seems too close to be a coincidence. Thank you very much for the lead!!!!

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