Conflicting information

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Conflicting information

Post by Last » 16 Aug 2007, 20:02


Hi everyone.......... I have always been under the impression that my paternal family came from Montefusco. I have been told by one of my relatives that they came from San Giorgio.

What is the geographical like? Are they close to each other, is one a city and the other a small town? This information has me very confused. They insist that San Giorgio is the area whee they came from.

Please help me......... :(

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Re: Conflicting information

Post by BillieDeKid » 16 Aug 2007, 22:59

Region Campania Province Avellino Town Montefusco
Region Campania Province Benevento Town San Giorgio

These two Provinces share a border and the two towns are about 70 miles apart.

Here's a link so you can see the two towns. ... o&zipcode=

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Re: Conflicting information

Post by Biff83 » 16 Aug 2007, 23:46

Hello Chuck,

My only suggestion--follow the paper trail.

What information is on the ship manifest(s)?
On draft reg card(s)?
Birth and/or death certificates?
Baptismal records?
Naturalization papers?

Have you written for and received any documents from Montefusco?

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