Multiple first names & Stato Civile laws

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Multiple first names & Stato Civile laws

Post by peggymckee » 18 Sep 2007, 16:11

Hello all--and especially Italian genealogists!

In a previous post, I raised an issue concerning multiple first names. My GM used Luigia on her Italian marriage certificate, although she should {by law} have used all three of her first names, Teresa Alida Luigia.
wishyou wrote:Stato Civile Laws explain how to consider names in birth act.
Can anyone tell me when these laws went into effect?

I ask because my GM was born in 1887, married in 1909 and died in 1951. She immigrated to the US in 1915 and as far as I know, never returned to Italy.

Many many thanks to all you knowledgeable people! Peggy M
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Re: Multiple first names & Stato Civile laws

Post by wishyou » 18 Sep 2007, 20:56

I'll try to explain.

As true there are not lwas on this theme but only documents wrote by Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia, which is the Ministero who decide how to read the Stato Civile Laws.
In a document edit march 25 1988, prot. n. 1/50/FG/i 1(87)1075, it explains how to read names in birth acts, as Stato Civile laws (at that time RD 1238 september 1, 1939) and article 6 Codice Civile.
This document is to apply to all birth act of Italian Stato Civile from his creation (septmeber 1, 1871). This involves also your GM.

Actually a new Stato Civile law has been edit (DPR 18/10/2000) in which nothing substancially changed, but it gives the chance to the one, born before 2000, which had that kind of name missunderstanding (more names or different interpretation of the names) to choose one of the name present in the act as the only and final (art. 36).

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